Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011-From the eyes of Kamaruddin Kairuu

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

New year is just around the corner when I start to write this article. Very near, just a few minutes left until 2012 is welcomed to the world (most of East countries welcome 2012 first). In Malaysia, we just about 2 minutes left for a new year. 2011 did bring  lot of stories for any living souls. In the last few articles, I had wrote them in Bahasa Melayu but in this article, I would like to change it a little. For a lot of reasons and one of them is I think it is a necessary to polish back my 'dusty' English language. Thus, I use English as a medium of writing in this article. 

A year had gone

There is nothing special on the new year coming. But most of humans in Earth do celebrate the New Year . It does happen all over the world. A year is a long-journey process that make human experiences lot of things; sometimes it might be good or bad. But a year is a process of humans learn things from what they had experienced. From an infant, he/she might grow a lot; physically and mentally within a year. From an infant who only knows to cry when hungry, to a baby who can utter the word "mama" or "papa" to get something. This is what a process that I meant above. From a teenager to young adult. Within this one year, human does experienced everything in this life. 2011 had already gone and 2012 is entering its phase. 2011 was a history and 2012 is generating its journeys. A year had gone, it is the time to move forward to another year, for another phase in this life. 

2011-My stories

Throughout the year, many things had happened, either it was experienced by me or things that happened around the globe that caught my attention. Here are what I think the stories that I want to highlight:

1) The Arab Spring/ Arab Revolutions

It was a history that never be forgotten by Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyan  and most of the Arab countries. The revolutions were set to free the countries from the then rulers. Tunisians first started the revolution to free the land from the authoritarian, Ben Ali. Then, the revolution was succeeded to Egypt, Libya, and major protests in countries such as Algeria, Kuwait, Morocco and so forth. 2011 also had witnessed the fall of Hosni Mubarak, the then President of Egypt. The civil war that erupted on the land of Libya had witnessed the world of the death of long-serving President of Libya, Muammar Ghaddafi. A clear lesson to all the rulers/leader/Head of a Nation that is never look down what your people can do to you, even though you have the power to suppress them. And Allah never forget the dua/pray of the people who is being cruelled. Remember that. Allah hears every single tears of the people, Allah sees what you did, and Allah surely never forget it.

2) From MPP to JPP

Once again, this year I had been appointed to be in the student's council for the second consecutive years. This year challenges were different from the year before. The responsibility was bigger and scope of duty also bigger than the year before. And of course, if the responsibility was bigger, so did the things that made my days. Packed schedule was a must. Many events had been done. The experiences were great. One thing that I love is the more pressure on you, the more you learn about yourself. Its true. JPP this year was great. And hopefully it is in 2012 until we formally resigned in the next few months. Many thanks to all the members of JPP who helped me a lot, either when we smile or when we sigh. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. 

Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar IPG KBA 2010

With Datuk Abdul Ghafar Mahmud, Ketua Pengarah KPM
at PISMP Convocation 2011

Putrajaya- KPLI and B. Ed. French Convocation

Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Pelajar
Parliament Trip
*writer was not here*

3) 1991-2001-2011
2011 marked two decades of my age. From an infant who born on 1991, grew up in a state of Kelantan and had primary education in a school which is only 30 steps from home, and now is still further study in Kuala Lumpur. These 3 periods were meaningful to me. Some might said, being 20 years old is still considered young and not "old". Agree to these phrase but what I think is being 20 means you are on the next phase of your life. A decade is not a short period of time. A decade can holds a lot of stories. Its a phase that from an infant, a decade later you grow as a child, then a decade later you grow as a young adult and the phase continues. These phase which I think is very important as it marks about your development. Being a child of 10 years old tells you what your responsibilities to school and parents, and it is different when being a 20 hears old which tell you to be more responsible towards yourself, parents, study or even to your nation. The changing of level of maturity in thinking, attitude, the meta cognitive which seems more functional when you are at the peak of ages and all of these only happen when time/age changes. That was why I thought 2011 was a start to a new phase of my life. A lot of things can happen in the future, and only time will reveals the truth of it. 

"Time to move forward and look for the future."
Credit : Ahmad Faqih Fauzi

4) BERSIH 2.0
Bersih 2.0 was set somewhere in July had its own story. I am not going to discuss about the political views behind this free demonstration. What I wanted to highlight were the justice, freedom to express feelings and speech which were seemed denied by some "hands" who have the authorities in this country. What was happened was already happened and BERSIH 2.0 was already a history which enlighten 2011's up and down stories of Malaysia.

" I dream of a country which practising democracy rather than stated its a democratic country."

4) The end of Harry Potter.
Harry Potter sequels have ended. I never missed every sequels of Harry Potter and it is a movie that grows up with me. First produced in 2001, it took a decade for few directors to interpret all the ideas of JK Rowling from a book to a movie production. From a word to a visual. Harry Potter now was a history.


HP and the sorcerer's stone

HP and the deathly hallow
5) A return

on 2011 I return to my primary school, not as a student but as a future teacher. 8 long years seemed short and even I could not recognise those faces who taught me. Those wrinkles on their faces reminded me of 8 long years I left the school and it reminded me of how long they have been there to teach the younger generations. Thank you teachers for your knowledges.

Sekolah Kebangsaan Banggol Guchil

Hopes and Expectations

2012 indeed brings a lot of expectations and hopes. 2011 was already a part of history and it was written in here. Hopefully 2012 will decorates more meaningful stories and brings changes to individual, community, as well as this nation. Inshallah, I will continue my Second Year of Degree Years and only 3 years left for me to receive the Bachelor Of Education. Inshallah. With Allah's permission.

"My Lord show me right from wrong, give me light make me strong,
I know the road is long, MAKE ME STRONG..."

"2011 is just merely a date..."

Kamaruddin Kairuu,
Kuala Krai