Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sebatang Pena

~pena untuk menulis~

Sebatang pena biasa,
Berdakwat hitam milik seseorang,
Sebatang pena biasa,
untuk ditulis daripadanya,
Sebatang pena biasa,
menjadi peneman setia dikala waktu kuliah,
Sebatang pena biasa,
menjadi peneman setia dikala waktu peperiksaan.

Hanyalah sebatang pena biasa.

Kamaruddin Kairuu,
1.07 a.m.
18/5/2011   Kuala Lumpur

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Welcome to the family, girl!

Sleepy girl

Cute isn't it?

"my grandchild..."he says.

As- salamualaikum warahmatullah
Peace be Upon You...

I guess all of you might wondering who is this little girl...

Well, let me introduce you to my new-born niece(actually not a new born, she had born on the past few months ago)

Luckily, I met her during my holidays(it could not be considered as holiday as most of the days in that week that I had at my home was when I had to do my SCHOOL BASED EXPERIENCE at School)

Actually, the day when she is brought to this world, I was on my way back to KL.:(

Poor girl, Uncle had to wait another month to meet you.

However, All praise to Allah, I had met this little girl.

Her parents named her, Nur Farisha dot dot and dot.
*sorry for not remembering her long name,hehe*
well in short Farisha...

These are few of the photos that I apparently had.

Inshallah more will come soon...
See ya Later...


p/s: In study mood...:)and also IMSOMNIA mood...O Lord I could not sleep tonight...

Kamaruddin Kairuu