Thursday, 20 January 2011

Kamaruddin Kairuu???

As Salam to all my readers(peace be unto you)

First and foremost,
this is my first entry since the new year arrived.
hello...!It is 2011 already...LOL =P...
time passed by fastly...
it is already 2011 and I am going towards the new era...
the 20-years-old-age-era...hahahha
but still alhamdulillah(all praise to Allah) because until this day,
the day I write this...I still been given the chance by him to further my life because of His mercy...

Surely, a lot had happened last year.
A LOT!!!
Throughout the years, many thing had happened to me.
Some of them were good, yet some of the were not.
but honestly I thank Allah, for Him to give me to experience all this.
It did maturing me a lot, I guess.
I remembered somewhere in the last year I wrote my own quotation,haha
it went like this:
LOL!!!It did felt like I was one of the philosophers..
but then experience does maturing the people.
sometimes we make mistakes and we learn from it.

I don't know what to write anymore,
I guess 'I called it the day' for this entry..=)
so for you,my dear readers,
for read and support this blog.
It has been a year since it had been founded.
So for those who want to share your own opinion,
do comment this entry.
and if you have any suggestion to make,
please do so.=)
until then......


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