Sunday, 27 November 2011

I am only a servant.

It is dark,
I heard the cricket's noise,
in the midst of darkness,
where people already having a sweet night dream.

My eyes still open wide,
accompanied by the crickets' song,
I wish that somehow I could be strong,
to prostrate to Allah the One and Only.
Still I was remembered,
how it was at this very moment,
usually the beloved prophet S.A.W,
in the midst of the darkness,
his legs stood still,
Prostrate to Allah,
as a sign of thankful to Him.

In this very moment,
I was thinking,
will there be a tomorrow for me,
as i wish it will be,
it will not,
if it Allah's will.

A reminder to the mankind,
death is coming,
whether it soon or later,
portraying Allah's greatness,
the lives of His servants,
are on His will.

Mankind is nothing,
we are nothing,
so let us think,
where will we heading,
make a dua' if chances are still given,
asking forgiveness from the Creator.

Kamaruddin Kairuu
2.50 a.m.

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