Saturday, 26 February 2011

Once upon a time in January

a week before everything began
dear readers,,
there is nothing to share much..
as now there are millions of things playing in my mind..
assgnments, works and other pressures...
well..i guess its part and puzzles of a student..

i just want to share with u somethg that i couldnt 4get in my life..
it was the most toughest week for me..

it was...
we were like a family and still i do hope we are a family
being the representative of a students' council was not
an easy task..
it was mentally and physically tough..
that was what i'd experienced for a year..
I was the students' reps..
the tough side of it when there was no cooperation given by the members..
it was a hellish week..
but we did survive..
and we finished it greatly..i guess it was..

this entry are credited to all my fellow colleagues in MPP 2010..
thanks for your cooperation for making the MPPB KPLI JAN 2011 a success..
i do really appreciate ur commitment and hard work..
thank you very much...
i do hope we could work in the future..
and better than what we had..


last day of the orientation week

the ajk urusetia for MPPB KPLI

tired but satisfied
a place to remember...
it was a history

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